Earth Day at the Ritz Carlton

What an exciting day! Today was our official rollout at the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte. Last week, we placed two hives on their rooftop garden. Today the Ritz held a special press-conference to promote this new “green” initiative. There were a lot of questions about the life of a honeybee and how they produce honey. The weather was great, sunny and warm, so the bees were very busy pollinating the sedum, vegetables and herb garden they now call home.

Please come check us out tomorrow from 10am until 3pm in the open parking lot at 3rd & Tryon. The TOP CHEF TOUR will be taping cooking demonstrations during the day featuring local farmers and products.

Learn more about the Ritz and see our bees at MSNBC and Charlotte Observer.

Watch Randall on Charlotte’s FOX News Rising Fox News Rising. Be patient – we’re in the second segment!

Joanne Young
Joanne Young