Whipped Honey


Whipped Honey (also called creamed, spun or churned honey) is honey in which we have controlled crystallization in order to produce a smooth, spreadable delicacy.  100% pure wildflower honey blended with only the best ingredients. 

Cinnamon. . . . . . . .Smooth Korinje Cinnamon creates a spread willing to take maple syrup on in a head to head battle for breakfast!

Lemon. . . . . . .Blended with bright lemon zest that will bring a spark of flavor to your day

 Chocolate. . . . . . . . Great Cocoa flavor kids of all ages will enjoy

Pumpkin Spice. . . . . . Mom's Pumpkin Pie with none of the fat (or guilt)!  Fantastic on biscuits

Plain . . . . . . All the flavor of traditional "liquid" honey

NEW FLAVOR!   Ghost Pepper ......   Great flavor with nice heat. Use as a spread on sandwiches and wraps or glaze on chicken wings



Whipped Honey