Our Signature Honeys

Let it bee.

Have you ever tasted honey? Not that mass-produced stuff at the supermarket. Have you ever tasted raw, natural honey, taken directly from a beehive? It’s totally different and absolutely amazing. At Cloister Honey, we want everyone to experience real honey, one of nature’s most delicious and remarkable foods.

Unfortunately, most people think the honey they buy at the supermarket is real honey. Well, technically it is. But that honey is mixed together from thousands of different hives and boiled, yes boiled, until it has lost its magic. Natural, hand-harvested honey is virtually unaltered from our hive to your home. We’re certain that after you’ve tasted the real thing, you’ll never settle for that processed stuff from the supermarket again.

Cloister Honey offers natural honey as well as a variety of other wonderful products. We hope you find something special today.

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